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About Bungay Auto Sales

I started my automobile appraisal business, years ago, when auto appraising was ancillary to my other activities in the automobile business. Now I find my services increasingly in demand in the Jacksonville Metro Area and Nationally.

local company. national experience.

My qualifications for this service include a 35-year background in the auto business. I started a vintage auto sales and restoration shop in Sacramento in the 1970’s, with many customers looking for the value of automobiles to buy, insure, finance and restore. The appraisal business started by supplying those values and eventually became full time.

Equally as important, I am actively in the car buying and selling arena. I attend at least six major auto auctions a year including Monterey, Scottsdale, Palm Beach, Amelia Island, and Newport Beach. I frequently attend the weekly Orlando or West Palm Dealer Auctions. I also attend the major western Hot Rod shows and auctions including Paso Robles, Reno, Pomona and Oakland. I have also been a judge at the Monterey Concours d’Elegance and am on the executive committee of the Amelia Island Concours. From each of these shows and auctions I come away with extremely valuable and timely market information on foreign and domestic, current and vintage, street and racecars. To supplement my first-hand information gathering I subscribe to auto industry publications and price guides, among them Hemmings, Automobile, Kelly Blue Book, CPI, Sports Car, Old Car Price Guide, Vintage Motorsport, Victory Lane, Classic & Sportscar, and many more. As a result, I am equipped to appraise American and foreign automobiles, collector cars, exotics, customs, and muscle cars as well as every-day transportation.

Being a local company, I can offer fast and efficient service. In most cases an appraisal can be completed within a few days. The price for an appraisal will depend on how far I need to travel to see the car, and to some degree how much research is involved. I think you will find my rates to be very reasonable.

References are available from companies around the country to include: Parish Heacock Insurance, Haggerty Collector Car Insurance, financial institutions, major insurance companies and more. I am accessible for your calls seven days a week.