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Appraisal Services

Bungay Auto Appraisals makes sure that all services are explained properly, truthfully and carried out with professional and cost-effective practices. Not only do we help our customers we also help educate them throughout the appraisal process.

diminished value appraisals

The loss of value is the difference in the market value of a vehicle without accident damage and the value of the same vehicle with repaired accident value. In addition Diminished value reports can be made showing Natural Depreciation, Accelerated Depreciation, or the most common is Inherent Diminished Value, the loss of value suffered by collision damage, theft, vehicle recall, etc.

total loss claims

When an accident causes major or costly damage to your vehicle, it's possible your vehicle will be declared a total loss. Insurance companies often try to make 'low-ball' offers on the vehicle, that are far below the true value, in an effort to save themselves money. We can help accuratley and truthfully assess the claim and help collect a fair settlement.

vehicle inspections

We specialize in the inspection of vehicles purchaced on the internet - EBAY®, Craigslist and other sales and bidding websites. It is an inexpensive way to be assured what you are buying is what was advertised.